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We provide ISO verified services at a low cost of 0.99$/min. We transcribe meticulously looking into every detail to produce 98% accurate outputs. Our experienced verbalists caters to 50+ languages. Get a free quote and call us for any assistance, we work 24/7. We can also handle Rush and Super rush services.

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Services we offer

Audio Transcription
Audio or video transcription or the conversion of speech to text form is now much easier. Expand your potential audience significantly with our fast, secure, high quality audio transcription services at affordable rates. Call us now.
legal transcription
We provide all kinds of legal transcription services from legal letters, legal dictation, investigations, pleadings, court proceedings, etc. We have the experience that you can trust and confident rely on.
video transcription
We value quality and we are very passionate with what we do. Our video transcription service is topnotch in the market today. It’s affordable, responsive, flexible, and fast turnaround time.
Verbatim transcription
No matter how rigorous and challenging your needs are, when it comes to verbatim transcription, you can be assured of the satisfaction that only we can deliver. No promises. Just results.

Our Companies Features

24 Hours / 7 Days Service
Contact us anytime of the day and even at the wee hours of the night.
Same Day Delivery
Our superb fast turnaround time allows us to deliver your files on the same day. The time taken for transcription starts from the moment the payment is received.
Affordable Rates
Low cost transcription services at flat rate of $0.99/min, we offer the most affordable rates.

How To Get a Transcription Services

Upload Your Files
Upload your files to receive a Free quote via email.
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We can accept payments through credit card, debit card or PayPal.
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The output is sent to your email id. Upload Your Files to get a FREE quote.
  • Daily transcription has ten years of experience when it comes to transcription. Among their services are academic transcription, research transcription, medical transcription, corporate transcription, and legal transcription. Daily transcription houses all kinds of transcribers and transcriptionist who will process all your files. Daily transcription have daily deals for customers to choose from. They also allow mail delivery of files for all transcriptions.

  • Castingwords offers clients with different formats HTML, word file or plain text. They produce transcripts made by their transcribers. Castingwords also offer customers with budget transcription, 6 day transcription, and 1 day transcription. Casting words also provide other transcription services. It ranges from audio transcription, video transcription, speech transcription. They also provide transcription for meetings, conferences and other corporate transcription services.

  • Transcript divas is based in the USA. They offer transcriptions more especially with academic transcription services. Transcript divas also offer transcription services in New Zealand. You can reach transcript divas using their website or call their hotline for any transcription services. Transcript divas gives customer correct transcription files at a lower rate. Make an order now of their transcription services.

  • Scribie offers customers with audio and video transcription. They charge customers per minute of audio. Scribie presents four types of pricing for clients. They have flexible month, flexible week, 1 day and express. Scribie has many transcribers and transcriptionist to accommodate client requests for different services. They support podcasts, interviews, teleconferences, webinars and many more. Scribie will give you a quote.

  • Rev is a transcription company which serves different clients. They offer different transcription and translation services like audio transcription, video transcription, speech transcription and business translation. Rev also offers different pricing packages for its customers. Rev will also deliver your files based on the agreed delivery time of the clients. You can get in touch with them now to get their transcription services.

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